What should future class room look like?

There is a radical change related with everything. As someone has told, change is the only thing that never changes. It is true up to some point while most of the things go wrong when we use to discuss about the classroom. A classroom is a place where a country’s future is decided. If someone asks, where is the future of a country? Probably the answer must be, they are in the classrooms! Attitudes and the knowledge are two things going in the same direction. All these things have to be kept together.

Though the classroom acts a vital character of a society, it is a place ‘The change’ has never arrived. It is true that some sort of technology has advanced toward the classroom. But, we can still see some sort of typical things in the classroom. Teachers still use whiteboard, markers, overhead projectors, computer labs, pens & books to keep their teachings. It is a must to have books and a library to learn their lessons. Some people believe that there has to be those things for more centuries to come as those people used those things to learn. Just imagine, what a primary thought that is.

A smart classroom is a place where students act the major role. They have to discover the things and those things can be picked at any time. Internet has to be in the full capacity to provide its contribution. As a concept, a smart classroom can be a room of a student’s home. It should be seen without the relative thinking. Group or team activities can be taught by more advanced VR boxes with many added modifications. Pens and books are not the things used to write down necessary thing. There will be a system to analyze the learning method and the levels of the student. Then it will decide itself what the student learn within a range of time. These ideas are not just imaginations, but prototypes that some of the countries in the world already keep practicing.

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