Today’s Global Warming is Unlike Last 2000 Years

World has changed a lot. But the things people do to the world has increased more than ever. Mankind is the only responsible race for these things indeed. We could see the Amazon fire had been growing and growing. Those things are the things done by the nature for a refreshment. As the things are going on, such refreshment cannot be endured. Because the damage caused by the humans is way beyond the reach to nature. As a result of these thing, earth faced the hottest temperature in last two millenniums. It was an average percent of the entire world. These things were caused by the worst species that ever has been on earth. Once earth was a lady who was milk feeding to lots of species. Some species became giants and they had to separate from the mother as a result of the evolution. Four species separated from mother without doing any harm. But, at present the kid has already poisoning his mom without any hesitation.

Not only has the increasing of the temperature, but the rate of the temperature increasing also increased.  Previously temperature fluctuations mainly driven by natural factors. Volcanic reactions, high tide and low tide, sun light, and rain. Researchers say this situation was caused by emmisions of greenhouse gasses. Not only temperature but also cold is a factor all humans must be concerned. Earth has faced 05 large ice ages since her birth. Ice glaciers could stay up to thousands of years without any harm. Ice glaciers in the Northern Pole have already started melting. Sea level of the world may increase due to that which can later cause many damages to the world. If that process is accelerated, people will have to stay alert on the ice ages as well. Because the oceans are also acting a key role in temperature fluctuations.

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