Online Tutoring Robot

Learning under the supervision of a tutor in a classroom is in history now as there are newly introduced techniques under the concept of smart classroom. In the past there were live teachers who followed typical methods to continue their lessons and they were limited with the time allocation they have got.  Online tutoring was introduced to Britain to utilize the teaching more accurately. They are rehearsing this method to teach Science and Mathematics in primary schools.

The Guardian newspaper had stated that this method is being carried out under the name of Artificial Intelligence in Pakeman primary school in Britain. There are some specialized tutors all over the globe and they are facing the barriers like time management, transportation, family, management, and expenses to bear. So, this online tutoring is a great way to get rid of those barriers. This method allows students to reach their favorite tutor to get their lessons practiced. Under this concept University College of London has introduced a new Artificial Intelligence to reach the students to comlete their lessons. Researchers have collected 100,000 lesson hours to be used in teaching aids. There are some patterns used by the A.I. to identify the learning needs of the children and that pattern is used as the same to teach the necessary lessons to that particular student. Researchers have identified various methods to teach effectively to the students. As an example a student likes to spend more time with the tutors as a conversation. A tutor who speaks a lot and listens a bit is a tutor who is being rejected. Situations like these have been identified and included in the sub teaching patterns used to create the artificial intelligence. There are about 300 tutors all over the world that assist to this program and it has been a success telling the world of the new age of education.

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